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Esage Registration Form

The full form is available here


Welcome! We are so excited to have you join us at ESage! Below is a checklist for you to review once you have filled out the registration packet. This will ensure that packet is complete. Incomplete packets may result in a delay in your start date. Please contact Arron Walton or Lauryn Temple with questions you might have.

Required Forms: 

  • ❏  Emergency Information Form

  • ❏  Health Information Form

  • ❏  Risk Waiver *last page only

  • ❏  Schedule Request Form

  • ❏  Payment Policy

  • ❏  Current Immunization Records *if not already on file with the school 

Payment Attached:

            1 week tuition payment required with registration packet Tuition for reserved schedules: 

After school: $15 per day
Friday rate: $45 per day
No school days (Breaks) $45 per day

Tuition for non-reserved schedules:

Drop in after school: $20 per day Drop in on Fridays: $50